June 12, 2024 at 11:00 AM PST/ 2.00 PM EST


Middle managers often spend as much time managing those above them as below.


Whether it’s managing expectations, negotiating for resources, or advocating for staff on the ground, it can be a constant balancing act that requires compromise, diplomacy, and a thick skin. So how can you as a People Leader support them?


In this webinar, our Senior People and Talent Manager Julia Fulton will be speaking to Executive and Manager Coach Laura Lillie Goodridge about the changing landscape of management, and why ‘managing up’ has become more important than ever. 



Meet the Panelists

Executive & Manager Coach & Facilitator - Laura Lillie Coaching
Laura is an HR leader turned Executive and Manager Coach with over a decade of HR and Culture experience. Laura is known for her ability to build human-centric cultures and HR strategies that drive business results and high retention rates.
Laura has led high speed growth at tech startups, built growth-minded cultures and facilitated cultural redesign during merger and acquisition initiatives. Laura has always been passionate about building human-centric organizations that enable human development. In her spare time, Laura delivers podcasts on human design in business.

Senior Manager, People and Talent - Guusto

Julia is a People & Culture professional, and cares about creating great experiences for candidates, new hires, and seasoned employees.

Julia currently leads the People Team at Guusto, an employee recognition platform that reshapes how companies recognize their teams.

In her role at Guusto, Julia manages employee experience, working to create great workplace culture and build best-in-class people practices. She was recently named as one of The Peak's Emerging Leaders for 2024. Julia loves being outside and is a long-suffering Leafs fan.