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How to stop fixing and start coaching

November 8, 2023 at 11:00 AM PST/ 2.00 PM EST


Does your company solve problems for employees, or give them the skills to solve problems themselves? 

It’s an important distinction, and one that can be the difference between companies whose employees truly grow and develop, and those who either stay at the same level or look elsewhere for opportunities. 

In this webinar, Anita Hossain Choudhry, CEO & Co-founder of The Grand, will speak to our Head of People Noah Warder about how to make coaching a key part of your organizational culture.

The session will cover the following:

  • What is coaching?
  • Why it's a critical skill to improve an organization
  • The default mode of fixing
  • A better alternative: coaching
  • Two coaching frameworks
  • Fixing versus coaching
  • How to apply coaching right away

Participants will also take part in an interactive exercise designed to demonstrate Outcome Shift, one of the coaching frameworks outlined in the webinar.


Meet the Panelists

anita hossain

Anita Hossain Choudhry
CEO & Co-founder - The Grand

Anita Hossain Choudhry is the Co-founder and CEO of The Grand, a group coaching platform and community that helps leaders gain clarity, confidence and feel less alone. 

Anita is also an executive coach, previously with Reboot.io, supporting clients on their journeys to become the most effective and intentional leaders they can be. Prior to that, she was Head of Knowledge at First Round Capital, where she designed and launched hundreds of learning initiatives providing entrepreneurs and tech operators resources to stay motivated, accelerate their businesses, and build community.

Before joining First Round, Anita was an Assistant Vice President at Deutsche Bank and managed multi-million dollar investment portfolios for Latin American clients. She also worked for MTV and Nickelodeon to create integrated marketing strategies and amplify their social impact initiatives.

Anita graduated from Georgetown University and is an MBA graduate from The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, where she launched Wharton Storytellers, a community to connect and inspire through stories. The Grand is a culmination of her previous work experiences and inspired by her belief that everyone deserves group coaching and a supportive community.

Head of People - Guusto
Noah has been leading people teams and helping startups scale their people process across Canada and the US.
Now as Head of People at Guusto, he gets to marry his passion for employee best practices and a people-centric mission of helping companies create amazing employee recognition programs to build community, connect teams, and engage employees in meaningful and authentic ways.