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Don’t Let the Love Run Out: How to Drive Employee Engagement from Onboarding to Offboarding

February 15, 2023 at 11:00 AM PST / 2:00 PM EST


Employee engagement starts from the very beginning of the employee journey, during the onboarding process, and should continue throughout their time at your company. If the focus on engagement is lost it’s possible for employees to feel less valued and motivated which leads to higher turnover.

Join Guusto’s Head of People, Noah Warder, and First30’s CEO, Amy Davies, as they discuss how to keep employees engaged through every stage of their employment with your company.


Meet the Panelists

Amy Davies

Amy Davies
CEO - First30

Amy has worked at top- tier companies in the UK and North America including Unilever, Rogers, Wrigley/Mars and Grainger before launching First30 in 2019.  First30’s employee onboarding and outplacement solutions have been designed to offer engaging, educational, and motivational user-first experiences. 


Head of People - Guusto
Noah has been leading people teams and helping startups scale their people process across Canada and the US. Now as Head of People at Guusto, he gets to marry his passion for employee best practices and a people-centric mission of helping companies create amazing employee recognition programs to build community, connect teams, and engage employees in meaningful and authentic way.